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AGED Plant-based Cheese

Cultured and fermented Artisanal Creations

Made with Cashews, Almonds & Macadamia

Using Premium Ingredients

Raw, Vegan & Gluten Free

Handcrafted with love by the Cheezanista
For the Compassionate Gourmet
Activated Cultured & Aged
Artisanal Creations
Raw, Vegan & Gluten Free

Nuteese® is a Hong Kong based company making the only AGED Plant-based Cheese in the city. Nuteese® is dedicated to reconciling the cheese lover, food lover and animal lover in you, making you a compassionate gourmet.


Our Philosophy

All our products are hand crafted, free of chemicals, artificial flavours or preservatives. Fermentation and aging add a complexity to the cheeze and intensify the flavours. We only use premium ingredients and make everything from scratch.



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Nicola Spalding


Oh my Buddha! I have died and gone to Nuteese Heaven…


One of the few things I miss as a vegan is cheese. But this vegan cheese is so much better than what I remember dairy cheese to taste like! Absolutely divine on warm toast with a thin spread of coconut butter. Yum! I loved the aged cheddar one. It’s the first time I try Nuteese and it definitely won’t be the last! A must try if you’re plant-based in Hong Kong.


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From our customers

I just love cheese – and so much vegan cheese have been incredibly disappointing. I gave up for years on trying something good. BUT on a whim the other night I ordered 3 of your cheeses and was blown away. Thank you so much for bringing something yummy into my life. I am so grateful!!!

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