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Nuteese® products are handcrafted for the health conscious gourmet.

They are equally delicious and healthy.

How Nuteese Began

Where Nutritious Meets Delicious:

Savor Flavourful Health

Nuteese, the brainchild of culinary innovation, redefines healthy decadence with artisanal plant-based cheeses crafted by Amy Elkhoury. Inspired by her expertise in plant-based nutrition, yoga, and culinary artistry, Amy unveiled Nuteese in Hong Kong in 2020. Each creation from Nuteese's innovative lab embodies exquisite taste without compromising on health-conscious ingredients. With Nuteese, foodies embark on a flavourful journey, where every bite celebrates nourishment and culinary ingenuity, reshaping perceptions of healthy living one delicious creation at a time.

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